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How to enrol for a course

Check the courses page and select the one you think is appropriate. Before submitting a request for the course, we would advise you to contact us to ensure you have chosen the right one. In addition to that, depending on your flexibility, we may have group courses that you can join. Joining a group course obviously reduces the overall cost and it’s also a good means to networking with like minded people.


Bell First Aid Training is flexible in it’s locations. We can set up a course local to you which means that you don’t have to travel or find hotel accommodation, which starts to elevate costs. Our offices are based in  Lincolnshire but we know that time is valuable so we have set our training delivery to be mobile and flexible, to suit you. Once again if you need a course or want training please feel free to contact us and tell us your needs. We are aware that the cost, as an individual or as a company, is important. We understand that budgets are limited so we always try and keep our costs low. (If in doubt or want to know more, give us a call)

All our courses are certificated

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Welcome to Bell First Aid Training based in United Kingdom providing training and assessment courses in various health related topics.

To see our range of courses which are all certificated please visit our courses page for details.

All of our courses are  led by qualified trainers  and assessors whose qualifications are recognised by the  Resuscitation Council and the Health and  Safety Executive . Visit our About Page to see more information on the Instructors and their qualifications. Bell First Aid Training is also an AO through FOFATO.